Om is the very first sound of the universe at the time of creation, representing the spring of creativity and sustainability. Omni comes from the Latin word omnis, which means "all" or "everywhere".

During the heyday of the TV industry, a group of passionate young people were alive to the primal faith in creative work, hoped to produce straight-from-the-heart picture, and to serve the society through positive energy originated from cultural work. Thus, The Omni Production was established in 1990.

With infinite creativity, The Omni Production vitalizes production works. Through picture and sound, it cultivates the substance of the subject matter. Our team takes every single production as a journey of dreams, during which boundless creativity comes as a surprise, like the chant of Om producing resonant impact.

Our mission is:

  • To produce quality works
  • To enhance audience's knowledge and sense of appreciation
  • To elevate quality of life
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